Surveillance Video Equipment

Types of Surveillance Video Equipment

Surveillance Video Equipment can be classified into several categories. Here are some of the more common types of video surveillance equipment used in offices, schools, and corporations. These products are usually very high tech and very expensive.

Surveillance Video Equipment

Modern cameras are very sensitive to light and can identify faces, license plates, even motion. There are also some ultra-sensitive cameras that can pinpoint faces by looking at a single detail in a person's eyes. Surveillance video cameras are also able to detect and capture passing vehicles.

One type of surveillance video is also capable of detecting magnetic fields. The types of technology, these cameras use are based on the laws of physics. This can be very helpful for detecting weapons of mass destruction.

Modern security cameras have a special red color filter that lets you see through a certain part of the lens. Some people view this as being a security device rather than a safety device. However, one of the most popular reasons for using these cameras is because they can be turned off, and they can be programmed to record while they are not in use.

There are also surveillance cameras that have high definition video. These cameras have hundreds of thousands of pixels. It is no wonder that they are extremely sensitive to light and to the human face.

High definition cameras are also known as dot-matrix cameras. Many surveillance cameras have in-built digital cameras. This allows for a camera to be programmed for different functions. For example, the best surveillance camera can function as both a surveillance camera and a night vision camera.

There are also surveillance cameras that can detect small changes in motion. These cameras are called motion detection cameras. There are some that are designed to only capture images of persons that are moving towards them. Others are programmed to only be active when there is an incident of theft.

Of course, the first step in buying any type of surveillance camera is finding out what it can and cannot do. Many times, surveillance cameras cannot operate if the area is below one hundred feet in elevation. In addition, these cameras cannot function underwater. This restriction applies to all surveillance camera types, not just those that are high tech.

Some of the models of surveillance video equipment are not video. They are much more detailed than video. For example, there are hand held tape recorders, which contain a hard drive.

A digital audio recorder is also a form of video. These record everything from noise from noises, such as broken glass, to voices. The voice recording is then converted into an analog audio format.

When purchasing any type of video surveillance equipment, make sure that it fits your needs. Your computer may have the capability to read the information. However, if not, you need to determine whether or not you need to get additional equipment.